Seeking Shopify Store Owners for Paid AI Chatbot Research Study

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Hi everyone,


I am conducting research on generative AI chatbots and their effectiveness in increasing sales and reducing cart abandonment in Shopify stores. The aim is to measure the impact of having an AI that can autonomously perform sales tasks, similar to a human salesperson.


As part of this research, I am offering compensation (in amazon giftcards) for your feedback:

  • $10 for standard Shopify store owners

  • $20 for Shopify Plus store owners

To participate, you must have an active Shopify store that generates sales and we would schedule a short call to discuss your insights and experiences.


This project is part of a grant we have received from the UK's Research and Innovation Agency, in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and other partners.


 If you'd like to participate please fill in this form and we will be in touch. 

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