Selecting shipping dates on a per product basis

Selecting shipping dates on a per product basis

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Hi, I'm looking for an app (or solution) that will allow customers to select preferred delivery date on a per product basis (not cart wide) and then apply a shipping cost based on those selections.


Based on the customers' selections, I then want to be able to apply a shipping cost at checkout. So if they select weekday delivery for their cart products, it will apply a price. If they selected Saturday for just one product, we'd then want to apply a higher shipping cost.


We've been using which is great for allowing us to select shipping dates per product, but it's not allowing us to then apply a shipping cost based on the date selections for each product. (It only works if you select a shipping date at cart level0


Has anyone come across this issue before and found a solution?


I should also point out that the site is gifts so it's important to be able to select delivery dates on a per product basis.

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Hello ObliqueGeek,

with a third party app, this can be done  SBZ , we can achieve this and our team would be more than happy to set this up for you . we can also manage all kind of shipping based on different condition you can check the full list and Review of app  here :

if you are facing difficulty setting up the app then you can just contact customer support and they will help you out with this .