Selling a friends Shopify merchandise on my Shopify account (but sales of his items go to him)

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Hi all, 


I have a Shopify website, selling T-shirts.

My friend has his own separate Shopify website, selling pants.


I want to sell my friends Shopify merchandise (Pants), on my T-shirt Shopify website. I want to make sure the inventory levels of his Pants, selling on my T-shirt website, are accurate to his inventory.


I want sales of my friends Shopify merchandise (pants) to go directly to my friends Shopify account, so my friend gets the sales, revenue, and has to ship the products himself.


Both myself, and my friend, do NOT use Shopify Payments, so Shopify Collective will NOT work.


Thank you.

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Depending on how many different products you're planning to list on your site (that are your friend's), you could consider creating custom product page templates, and then replacing the 'add-to-cart' buttons with a new button that links directly to the clothing on your friend's store. This would work nicely if it's just a handful of products, because then people would be purchasing directly from your friend's store, and you wouldn't have to mess around with any apps or transferring funds, etc. 


Another way to handle this would be to use an app like "Vendor Consignment" ( which would allow you to pay commissions to specific vendors (ie. your friend) via PayPal, whenever one of their products is sold. This would automate the process for you. Although, it wouldn't handle syncing the inventories. 


In order to sync the inventories between the 2 stores, you would need an app like "Multi-Store Sync Power" (, so that the 2 stores can share inventories for specific products. 


If you just did the inventory sync (without the 'commissions' app), then you could handle the payouts manually. You could use the 'reports' functionality within the 'analytics' section of your Shopify dashboard, to figure out how much of your friend's product you've sold each month, and then pay him for it. 


If you need the actual orders/payments to go to your friend on each individual order (ie. you don't want to just 'settle up' at the end of each month), then my first option of just directly linking to his site (by replacing the 'add to cart' buttons) is probably going to be your best bet. 

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you just can't do that.  your store is yours with your information, your bank, you tax id, etc.  you cannot have his payment processor on your site

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Hi, I am going to recommend you single plugin Shipturtle -


Shipturtle's flagship feature is store sync so that you can sync your friend's Shopify store to your Shopify website. Moreover, your friend gets a separate dashboard where they can fulfill orders. You can set payouts from your dashboard using either PayPal or Stripe so that your friend gets the sales revenue.