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Selling services in my existing Shopify store, with a lot of conditions

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So my business sells physical products via a Shopify store, but we also offer a service related to our product. The service deals with physical products that the client has to bring/mail to us, we do the service to it and return it.


Right now, we wasting a lot of time creating invoices, talking to clients with the same info, and keeping track of orders. Client messages us, we set up date/time for delivery or drop off or give mail address, basically do everything manually.



I am thinking of digitizing the process. I know you can add digital products in Shopify, but there are a lot of caveats we need to consider, so I'd like to know if it's possible to achieve all that via Shopify and apps:


  1. Client has to choose whether they want to drop the item off, mail it in (they pay for return mail) or do the delivery (we can deliver in limited zone with limited time frame). Every scenario will have a different shipping cost. Delivery and pick up are fixed price, shipping back depends on shipping service (but we are open to make it fixed as well), drop-off is free.

  2. We would like for clients to pay after they receive the sharpened items. But we also would like the clients to make a deposit, something like 20% so that they are commited.

  3. We would like to have an option to confirm the order before it's processed. A lot of times clients don't read requirements, so they might place an order for something we can't accept, and I don't want to deal with refunds often and lose transaction fees.

  4. For placing an order, can we add a form for them to add mandatory comments (questions we ask), and mandatory uploading photos so that we confirm we can sharpen it?

So please let me know if you think this is doable through Shopify digital products/apps, or is ther another platform that allows to streamline the process?

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