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selling trademarked products?

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I hope someone can help me.
I have a resell shop of Jordan, Nike, Yeezy. It is something widespread in this period. 

Like so many others stores I also have a website.

Some days ago I received from shopify an email to fill out the attestation for the sale of branded or trademarked products (written authorisation from each brand whose products I sell or supplier or retailer invoices)

But a resell store doesn't work in this way. Me and my collegues buy the shoes on nike and adidas website at a a retail price and then we sell them in our store at a higher price. We don't have direct contact with Nike or Adidas as suppliers. 

I tried to download some invoices of shoes that I bought with my personal data and send them to shopify, they reviewed them, decided that the website in in violation of shopify's terms of services and they disabled it


As I said there are hundreds of resell store websites in Italy and to own a physical store like that is absolutely legal. 


Is there something I can do now?

I don't understand why they asked to me send invoices but at the end they didn't accept them.

Can someone help me?



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I had the exact same thing just happen to me, let me know if you can find a solution as I’ll be looking for one too

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Hey, did you send some invoices?