Re: Selling used & new books via Shopify site

Selling used & new books via Shopify site

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Are there any users that sell used & new books via a Shopify site? I did a search for "used books" and came up with very scant results. 


Looking to see if it would be practical to sell creating my own Shopify site. My Abebooks-type database isn't even vaguely compatible with Shopify's csv format.


Thousands of titles.



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Is your concern around your current data formats and how to map it to Shopify? The fields Shopify offers don't have the extensive range of library databases however you can merge a lot of the data into description and tags so you can still show the data you want and have it categorised correctly. There is a probably a bigger discussion in how to map the data based on templates you would define and then import it into Shopify. If it just a one off you could build your files within excel. We operate our own product data solution that is based around connecting and mapping data between platforms.



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Are you kidding me?


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We sell books on Shopify and ship worldwide. Came off EBay because it was costing so much in fees but our sales have dropped off. Insta adds FB adds Pinterest adds Google ads all cost shed loads of money! So what’s best value? Http://