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Selling your music and books on Shopify

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first so disappointed in this site still haven't seen any sales just people want to get free stuff .

I do not know how kylie whatever that ladies name is sold on here.   I mean if you are a known person have tons of followers you would think you would see some sales

just admirers ...I opened this to make money not fans.   I believe in the products I sell.  so should my followers .   in part this pandemic is a pain in the butt. but people are still buying just need feedback on anyone who has opened a shopify store if they are selling and send some tips.  

and what app is everyone using to sell music or books digitally on here that works

thank guys for your replies.

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A good way to do that would be to install a 'Digital Product' sale app. Check out Wire.

Wire enables you to

- Sell digital files, photos, documents and even links (if you want to make exclusive messenger groups or host events)

- Customize mail to deliver to your customers and restrict the number of downloads

- We're one of the easiest to use and economical ones out there


PS: We have an ongoing 14-day trial for our new customers 


Please reach out to us at for any help


Co-Founder, Zula
Selling digital products? Files, Images, Webinar links, etc. Check out Wire -