Send an order notification to a 3rd party when a specific product is ordered.

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I want to be able to send a 3rd party a notification when a customer places an order for a certain product so the 3rd party is aware that that particular product has sold.

Is this possible to automate?

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Certainly! You can achieve this by setting up an automation workflow using Shopify's webhooks. Here are the steps you can guide the Shopify community member through:

1. **Create a Webhook:**
- In the Shopify admin, go to Settings.
- Select Notifications, then scroll down to the Webhooks section.
- Click on the "Create webhook" button.
- Choose the event that triggers the webhook. In this case, you might want to select "Order created" or "Order paid."
- Set the format to JSON.
- In the URL field, provide the endpoint where the third-party service can receive the notification.

2. **Third-Party Integration:**
- Share the webhook URL with the third-party service responsible for receiving notifications.
- Ensure that the third-party service is capable of handling incoming JSON payloads.

3. **Payload Content:**
- Customize the payload to include relevant information about the order, especially details about the specific product that was sold.
- You can include product details such as the name, quantity, and any other information that might be useful for the third party.

4. **Test the Integration:**
- Place a test order to verify that the webhook is triggering correctly.
- Confirm with the third-party service that they received the notification and can process the information.

5. **Monitoring and Troubleshooting:**
- Regularly monitor the webhook logs in the Shopify admin to ensure that notifications are being sent successfully.
- If any issues arise, check the third-party service's documentation and logs for error messages.

Feel free to customize the response based on additional details or specific requirements the community member may have.


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You should be able to use Flow for this.

Trigger: order placed
Condition: If Line item includes 'x' or 'y'
Action: send internal notification

I can send you a Flow export file for this as a base to start with if that helps, 

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That would be appreciated

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Looks like I can't attach the file here so if you pm me your email I can send it over that way.