Send 'order confirmation' email after order is marked as paid

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Is there a way to automatically trigger the 'email confirmation' email a second time after a order is marked as paid (for manual payments)?


My order confirmation email has a conditional that checks if the order is awaiting for payment or not. If it has a pending payment it says "you will receive a confirmation once your payment is verified", and then when staff validates the payment the customer should receive the same email but showing the text on the "thank you for your order".


I thought this would be the default behavior of shopify but it doesn't seem to be the case. Am I missing something? Is there a way to trigger that email to notify the customer that the payment was verified?

{% if order.financial_status == 'pending' %}
  {% assign has_pending_payment = true %}
{% else %}
  {% assign has_pending_payment = false %}
{% endif %}

{% if order.transactions.last.status == 'pending' %}
  {% assign buyer_action_required = true %}
{% else %}
  {% assign buyer_action_required = false %}
{% endif %}

{% capture email_title %}
  {% if has_pending_payment %}
    Order received!
  {% else %}
    Thank you for your purchase!
  {% endif %}
{% endcapture %}
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Hi @sebasvivas !


Order confirmation email template when the payment is verified has that message of "Thank you for your purchase". It indicates that the customer's order purchase and payment is successful. Though, you can edit that message to for example, "Your payment has been verified. Thank you for your purchase!". 


To edit the order confirmation email message template to you can go to >settings >notifications >customer notifications >order confirmation >edit code



Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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Hey @SealSubs-Roan thank you for your response!


I noticed there's a validation to check if the order was paid or not to send the correct email. However, my question was about the following scenario:

I create a order from the store but haven't paid yet. I as a customer receive an email that says 'thank you for your order, once you make your payment you will receive a notification with your order confirmation' or something like that. I then make the payment and when the admin receives the payment and marks the order as 'paid', the customer should receive another email saying 'your payment has been verified'. That's how I expected the 'order confirmation' email to work, but I'm not receiving the second email after marking the order as paid. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Kind regards