Send personal SMS text message to customer from order page

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Before I start, I do not want to hear from any so proclaimed Shopify experts, just people who are actually using Shopify for their stores.

So I forget to remove mobile numbers from the checkout option for contact information.

 I now have an order from a customer who has left their mobile number as the form of contact but no email address has been provided.

They have not put their flat number on the address and there are four flat in the building, so I need to know what flat number they live in.

I need to contact them, but I do not want to use my phone to text them, because they will then have my number.

 I have tried searching through the apps to find one that will just let me send a text message to a customer, but they are all about sms marketing.

 I tried speaking to someone from Shopify chat and they sent me to an app which would only give me that option if I subscribed for a month at £15.99.

 Is anyone currently using an app, which offers a free trial (so I can make sure it actually does what I need). That will allow me to send a text message to the customer.

Preferably, I would like to click on their number on the order page and it give me a popup to send them a sms message.

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If you just need to send them a message from a hidden number you can use Google Voice. This is a free way to set up an alias for your phone.

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@CannadyShop I agree with @beauxbreaux about simply setting up a Google Voice number to get in contact with this particular customer.


You may also want to edit your checkout settings to require email address during checkout. That way you won't have to deal with this situation anymore.

See screenshot:

 Image 2024-03-22 at 11.48.30 AM.png

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