Send to shopify the customization image that your customers uploaded to your custom website?

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My customers will upload an image to my custom website where it will be converted to a different image, using some ai.


The ai generated image is going to be printed in a basic t shirt that is in my shopify products database, so I need to send it to shopify somehow programmatically. 


The flow is something like this: user uploads his image to my custom website, my custom website redirects the user to shopify where he will pay - the order is created in shopify and the ai generated image is in the order information. 


How can I do this?



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You probably want to redirect them to a shopify link that can trigger some javascript similar to this to add a line item property with the custom image to the cart:




Kalen Jordan
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Hey! I'll check that out. Thanks! 

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You will have to use custom app for it and use draft order API to create the draft order with lineitem custom attribute added and send the customer to checkout page for payment etc

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