Sending language info from langify to klaviyo

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I am using langify to manage two languages on my store.

When customers subscribe to a mailing list through a lead magnet, I am able to detect what language they currently have selected and send that info over to klaviyo.

The problem is when a customer subscribes to my global list through the regular checkout process. In this scenario, klaviyo gets the info of the customer as displayed in Shopify's customer profile - so no info about language preference.

I am looking for a way I could add the customer's language to his profile when he is created at checkout. I am aware there is no straightforward way, but I am looking for a workaround! Any thoughts?


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This is a solution for when a customer actually creates an account, but not for when the customer account is created through the regular checkout process...

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Hey, I'm trying to do the same but I don't know how to do that on Klavijo. Do you know a way to detect the language and select the pop up based on that language?



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I am currently trying to switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and have the same problem. I use Langify in my website and have, for the time being, 2 languages. I can see in my order information that there is a field called "Additional Details" that stores the language id.  Can Shopify send this information to Klaviyo so they can asign the contact to the right list and start the automated flow based on the language?

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Hi @Charles32 

did you find a solution to push the language information of check-out customers to Klaviyo and could you please share, how we get the Langify language info to Klaviyo. We are having the same problem we need to solve.

We would highly appreciate. 
Thanks a lot!

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Did anyone try to put this code in the Shopify Thank you page Additionnal Scripts

To access additional scripts, start from your Shopify admin, and go to Settings > Checkout. Under Order processing you find the Additional scripts section.

The below code is not tested but should push information to klaviyo after each order (thats is where langify stores the language information). Make sure to change the API_KEY on the 1st line for yours


<script type="text/javascript" async 

  var _learnq = _learnq || [];
  _learnq.push(['identify', {
    '$email': '{{ }}',
    '$lang': '{{ checkout.attributes["language"] }}'



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Tried it... it´s not working. Klaviyo does not seem to have a language field. The only idea I can think of is some kind of Tag creation automation and use that one.

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