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Sendle in Australia - doesn't do any favours for Shopify's reputation?

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Has anyone started using Sendle (Couriers Please) in Australia since they joined up with Shopify?


I dipped my toes in & gave them a go. They're not cheaper than Aust Post or Fastway in most cases for my business, but it's very easy to print out a label etc in the shopify system. 


I've had a bad experience overall.  Missing parcels, missing pick-ups and Couriers Please have said items have been delivered when they haven't.    I have an investigation in progress to see if driver has fraudulently signed for a delivery.  I am waiting to hear the outcome.


Has anyone else had experiences like me or am I having a bad run with the few times I've used them. 

If my experience is replicated with other people, I can't see why Shopify would risk their AAA reputation on this integration. Interested for other people's comments.

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Hi John,


I ran a kickstarter campaign from Melbourne where I needed to post hundreds of large 2.5kg packages internationally. I was thinking of going with Sendle for a while (I remember reading positive reviews, so it's a shame to hear your experience).

After a lot of research and ringing around, I found these couriers to be best:


• For domestic: AusPost business (a business account has a lot cheaper rates than a customer account!)

• For international: DHL e-commerce (that's the name of the DHL division, they have offices in Sydney and offer great prices + free pickups etc)


Hope that helps,





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Hi CJohnP,

My experience mirrors yours.

I used them about 6 years ago independently of shopify and ran into similar issues as this time around (now with the shopify integration).


1.  Any pickups booked on a Thursday for a Friday pickup (from my area in Melbourne) run about a 90% chance of not getting picked up.

There is an automatic rebook service which works sometimes to automatically rebook the packages for Monday but not always - I have had at least 2 instances 3 days to a week later of drivers coming to pick up rebooked parcels that have already been picked up.

2. The past week I have had two customer orders with major problems - Couriers Please sub contracted both deliveries out to another 'local' service.

In the first instance that second sub contractor was Border Express and the driver has fraudulently signed on behalf of my customer (with covid they can sign on behalf of) and left the package in an unsafe area where luckily it got found by someone with a conscience and handed in to the building's Lost & Found.

I received one email from Sendle after the customer lodged the parcel as missing - on the back end of shopify the order stated the order as being 'delivered' so there was no flag for me to contact my customer or chase it up until a stupid email from Sendle saying 'we're sorry but after extensive searching we've been unable to locate your customer's package, oh and you have 10 days to lodge a claim' - it was only then that I knew about it and contacted my customer (repeat customer thank goodness) to try and get more info, and she told me it had turned up at the Lost and Found.

I do acknowledge Sheila from Sendle who handled my second email about this issue, she was good.

In the second instance a package sent from one area of Melbourne to the northern suburbs of Melbourne has gone over the estimated delivery period of 8 days (due to covid) and now has a lost/missing case lodged for it - again Couriers Please subbed this out to a 'third party local deliverer'.

What is really annoying is this message on the Sendle tracking page for the order:  "Parcel is with a local delivery provider to complete delivery. It may not receive any further tracking updates."


I too think that Shopify's reputation in Australia for offering integrations with reputable third parties is likely to be damaged by partnering with Sendle because they are using Couriers Please who are really letting the team down, I've had a couple of excellent drivers who pick my parcels up but it's so adhoc; they come across as a company who don't care enough about their customers to train their drivers and have an accountability system in place.

The second tier sub contracting out to who knows who courier companies that they do reminds me of that aussie tv comedy series 'Swift and Shift' from 2008.

Unfortunately I just can't trust Sendle & their subcontractor Couriers Please and their sub contractors to do the right thing and deliver my customer's orders anymore.


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Same for me absolutely useless!