sense theme and color variant issues

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hi guys 


i am currently developing sense theme and struggling with the variant image displays. 

I have added in a color swatch.


after adding in a size and color variants, i have a few problems which i cannot understand :


1 = the colour swatch for some reason only shows all black colour swatches, however once clicked it does display the correct image colours in the preview section. currently there is 5 size variants, if i were to remove 4 of them, then the colour swatchs variant shows all the cols range in the swatches. 


2 - i have 2 main images (model and a logo) for this product which is shown on page load, however, after choosing a colour swatch, it randomly applies some of these colour swatches with the other 2 main images ? i wn to avoid this and have users only access the colour swatch viewing by clicking the col pallete



the link to the site is below:





1 size variant.jpg





multiple variant sizes.jpg

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Hard to diagnose the problem if you're adding custom code to the theme.

But here's a video tutorial that should help you get your swatches working:

Note that v13 of the Shopify themes has swatches built in natively, but we can't actually use them yet until they roll out the category metafields.

DIY theme customization tutorials: