SEO Product Title Tags Won't Change on certain products

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Hi there,


I am having some issues with only a handful of my product title tags. When change the page title in the SEO section, it fails to change after saving (I have left link to a example: - when you hover over the tab the title shows different to the screenshot settings below: 


Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 15.54.52.png


This is only. a issue on between 5-10 products on my store. All of the other products have absolutely no issues and change instantly when I make edits within the SEO section of my products.


Can anyone advise on a solution?


Kind regards


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Hi Mark (@EmpireLenno)

Can you please check and confirm if
1> No code updates (customisation's) have been made for the SEO title's & description in the theme.
2> Smart SEO app is in use currently and check it for the products which are having the issue.

If you'd like to discuss this more or have concerns, don't hesitate to send me a PM.

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