Separate prices for the online VS POS

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We have been trying to solve this issue for so long and nothing is working we tried so many different methods to make dual prices for the online and the POS since POS prices should be higher from the online 

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Hi @Abdallah95

Thanks for your post. I'd be interested to learn why you are hoping to have your POS pricing structure higher than your online store. 

At this time, while there is no direct way to have separate pricing via locations or sales channels, you can workaround this by applying an automatic discount to online orders, or utilizing custom fees on your POS. 

Custom fees can enable you to mark up your POS products as needed. You can even create custom fee tiles based on your mark up needs. Here are the steps for adding a custom fee tile to your POS Smart Grid: 

  1. From the Shopify POS app, tap Add tile within the grid.

  2. Tap Fee, enter a title and price for the custom fee, and then tap Save.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hey Ren,


I have a very similar problem--although our goal is to have a lower price for our POS than what appears online. Why? Because we make Pretty and Lovely Things that we sell

-wholesale to other retailers

-retail via our online store as well as Etsy, and

-retail in person at our brick-and-mortar store.


The online price of Pretty Thing needs to have a certain markup over wholesale so that our retail partners (the people buying our Pretty Thing to sell in their own brick-and-mortar stores) have enough margin to run their own businesses. The online markup also allows us to offer "free shipping" in our online stores, which is what we've found customers vastly prefer. 


However, in our own studio/store, we do not have the cost of shipping to take into account, and we like to reward people for finding their way into our business in person.


I have created three separate pricelists in our inventory-management system (Quickbooks Commerce, fka TradeGecko) and it works beautifully.  Here are two concrete examples:


Pretty Thing at wholesale: $15.50

Pretty Thing at online retail -- 2.4x markup, sold online with "free" shipping -- not direct competition with our retail partners: $37 (**it would technically be $37.20 but we round to the nearest dollar**)

Pretty Thing at in-person retail -- 2x markup, sold in-house: $31


Lovely Thing at wholesale: $14

Lovely Thing at online retail -- 2.4x markup: $34 (technically, $33.60)

Lovely Thing at in-person retail -- 2x markup: $28


Because Shopify will only let me sync ONE price list from Commerce, it is set to pull in the 2.4x pricelist. We switched to Shopify from our other online store because Shopify is supposed to play nicely with Commerce, and because of the POS option which we desperately need.


I can (and do) print scannable price tags using the correct retail pricing. However, regardless of whether we are making a sale by scanning the price tag or selecting the item from a tile on the POS, the POS brings up the wrong prices.


Using a discount code doesn't work because our two retail pricelists are based on wholesale with some massaging for even numbers. (In the case of Pretty Thing, I'd have to apply a discount of 16.2% to get to the correct POS price; in the case of Lovely Thing, the discount would have to be 17.65%. Even if I wasn't massaging the online retail prices to be even numbers, I'd have to apply a discount of 16.67% to get back to the correct retail price that appears on the price tag. Is it even possible to apply a percentage discount with decimals?)


So... is there any way to map the POS prices to a secondary pricelist, separate from the online pricelist? (This would be our top solution, if possible.) And/or is there any way that we can do a price override for the item in the POS, to force it to match the price on the scanned tag? Are there any apps that could be added to the POS that would help with this? 

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Hi @Silverlan

You might want to consider utilizing wholesale as a solution to these issues. The Shopify wholesale channel is available to Plus accounts, though if you're not quite ready for an enterprise level account. There are third-party options available to you as well. 

Check out Wholesale Club - this app enables you to offer wholesale or VIP pricing based on specific customer accounts which you select by tagging. It comes with some really great features and is compatible with POS. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Happy to continue troubleshooting if this isn't quite what you need.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Thank you for this. I do local collectible shows that have table/booth fees. I've been considering raising my prices by $1 for these events to help cover the show costs vs online selling. While it would be nice to have an automatic POS pricing tier, this tile method will work. Although it would be nice if I could add it X times for how many items the customer is purchasing.

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This is something Shopify needs to implement.  All companies have different prices for Online vs Brick and Mortar locations.  We are based in nantucket and when we are in peak season this is imperative!

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Hi Ren,


We are wanting to charge 5% more when selling through POS. It doesn’t seem possible to do this with the tile. We don’t want to duplicate and manage SKU’s as this comes with its own difficulties. Is there a method to do this?