seperate emails for contact form and order confirmations?

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I know that the email address that you set up in 'settings > general > customer email' is the email address that will be used on the contact form AND to send out order confirmations/shipment details etc. to customers.

I am wondering if I can set up a separate email for the contact form? So that the email that the contact form send to is different then the one that is the sender address in order confirmations?

is this possible?

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You can always use a 3rd party service and set up parsing rules to draw out the information that you want if the different email account angle doesn't work.

I dump all my orders into a Google Sheet via an integration from You can do the same thing for shipping confirmations, wholesale orders, etc. Then massage the data in them however you like.

Here is a link to doing it via Google sheets, pretty simple, took about 15 minutes. Read about it here.

You can also hook up via Cloupipes or Zapier. These 2 services really unlock a pile of ways to utilize your client data.


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In my case I just provide a link to Google Forms  and when a shopper fills the forms I receive an email to my inbox. I also use the Zoho CRM for this and a tool called Email Parser (  to integrate everything. It is the only solution I came up with so I hope it helps!


Another way would be setting a forwarding rule in the email account where you receive the notification (I think Gmail does that) based on the email subject. This way when a shopper sends fills the contact form you will also receive that in the other account.