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Does anyone know if shopify does this or any apps?  I want to have a 10 day sale and certain items that I have tagged to be $50 items.  So it isn't a % discount nor a $price off discount.  It doesn't matter if the item is $300 originally or $100.  I want specific items to be $50 automatically for these 10 days.  Is this possible?


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For non-Plus stores there is no native discount rules to reduce prices to a set value.

Why not just make those items $50, or a set sales price that with a percent discount arrives at $50.


I'm not sure of any apps that do this. You would have to go through and try a bunch or reach out to the developers to check for that functionality.


Could possibly done using usemechanic and draft orders 


For stores on the enterprise Plus plan checkoutscripts could theoretically do this during checkout.


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There are a lot of items that need to be changed and it's only for 10 days so it will be hours changing the pricing and hours changing them back.