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I am looking for a way (or an app) that will allow me to set different prices for different type of custommers. I would like to find a way that allows me to set fixed prices and not discount percentages.  For example:

when a Group A client logs in:

Price for item "X": 12,5€

Price for item "Z": 7,9€


when a Group B client logs in:

Price for item "X": 7,5€

Price for item "Z": 15,3€

The percentage discounts isn't working for me as I need specific prices per customers on specific items.


If anyone knows a tool or a way to solve this problem, I will be for ever thankfull.


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Hi! I have the same problem. I'm trying to find a way to replace apps like this as I have to set up multiple stores with this functionality and it would be very expensive.

Is there a way to use product metafields with different prices depending on the user tag and display them in checkout too? I know how to display them on the page but I don't know how to get them to be recognized as a product price at checkout.

Ex: if customer.tags contains "vip" {{}} else {{product.price}}

We use shopify plus. I have access to the scripts but I have so much experience with it, at the moment I don't see it possible.


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It's as if, by forcing the user to understand liquid and html, Shopify are outsourcing the development of their own application to the customers. Nice business model.
Saves on doing actual product development whilst cashing in on the customers as are forums like this where customers find solutions to problems that the software supplier should. How very customers businesses.  

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We have the same issue but I think we found a solution. We are currently testing it for some basic problems. Discounts for product or.customer groups based on tags. After that we will try customer product 1 om 1 discounts.

And you could of course manage the basics in Shopify plus with scripts and liquid based on the tags for example customer group tag "XXL|05" you could automatically discount 5 percent. Or "XXL|pgroupB|10" or for customer group XXL gets a 10% discount on product group B. 

If you are interested I could share the script for that. 

Te other thing we are testing is more manageable, rules can be setup by everybody. If this works how much would you pay for something like that? 


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This is a primary requirement for our business. Does anybody have a solution for this? 

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Hi everyone,

This is what I`m looking for as well. 

Rather than customer groups applied some discounts, I would like to import my customer list regarding to their own quotation. It is to say that each customer imported and tagged as internal customer will see specific different pricing. Also, each customer does not have same discount rate for each product. 

I couldn`t find a solution yet.