Set Max Box Weight

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On another platform we have the ability to set a Max Box Weight ("MBW"), which is used to calculate multi packages for rating. We have many orders that are hundreds of lbs and ship via UPS. Setting a max MBW is absolutely necessary to stay below 50lbs otherwise our customers get nailed with ridiculous surcharges from UPS/FedEx.


The current platform will take all products and create as many pacakges for rating without exceeding the MBW, unless 1 single product weight exceeds the MBW. Basically the system creates package 1 up the MBW, the it will creates package 2 up to the MBW and so on for all items in the cart.


I've played around with settings and apps, but can not get the same functionality.  Wondering if anyone can shed light on any tricks or apps I missed to achieve this?

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