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I recently set up my Shopify website, I bought and set a domain and connected it to my store, however, I mis spelt my domain so I bought a new one to try and replace my old one and connect to my store. But from what I can see, the domain for my store is still my old one and not the new one. How do I go about replacing my old one with my new one?


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First, you'll want to change which domain you're using as the "primary domain". 


Admin > settings > domains > click into the domain with the proper spelling > change domain type > select primary domain > save changes. 


Then from there, you'll want to deactivate the automatic renewal for the domain name that you purchased for the misspelled domain (so that you don't have to pay for it again next year). 


Admin > settings > domains > click into the domain with the wrong spelling > in the auto-renew section, clear "auto-renew this domain every year". 

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