Setting a product manufacturer to a product (not just vendor)

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For our store we define 'vendors' are different from 'manufacturers'. A vendor is the entity that distributed the product, while a manufacturer is the entity that made the product.

Sometimes, the manufacturer distributes products directly. Therefore, we'd like to add a manufacturer to a product alongside a vendor to distinguish the two. However, we don't see a way to do so. Is there a way on the Shopify admin?

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There is. Go to the Settings >> Custom data >> Products in admin. Create a new metafield definition. Set the namespace to "custom" and key to "manufacturer". Select "Single line text" as type. Save it.
Later, an input for that metafield will appear at the very bottom of product's admin page.

To display that metafield on the product page, you will need to add this to the place in code where you want that to be rendered:


{{ product.metafields.custom.manufacturer }}