Setting up a "builder" with multiple products depending on characteristics (Tags/Metafields)

Setting up a "builder" with multiple products depending on characteristics (Tags/Metafields)

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Hello everyone,


I am trying to create a website where customers will be able to have an entirely customized product by combining two different products. One of the product called product A is a stand-alone without variants, the second one called product B can be configured in terms of color. This product B will also have a size to be selected, but not as a variant, as there are more than 40 sizes.


The builder should work as follows : 

1. The customer chooses the first product A

2. Upon selection, he is redirected to a collection/selection of the product B, based on the characteristics (possibly with different tags of shape and size I imagine) of the selected product.

3. The two products are displayed as a bundle in the cart or before. 


The first product can also be bought on its own without the second one. I would like the process to be reversible, where a customer first selects Product B and then is shown the Products A that fit with B.


I am currently building on the Allure theme,


Does anyone know of an app that would fulfill this function, or a theme that would be have this workflow natively?


Thanks in advance

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No mate,that's very complicated

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Was wondering how far you have gotten with this? I am looking for a builder that allows multiple products to then go into a package plan as well. I currently use Kickflip for one off products but need to find a way to have multiple products shown.