Setting up a Shipping Profile for Drop shipping

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I am having an awful time setting up my shipping profiles. Just when I think I have it set - I get another email from a customer with a screenshot with an error message claiming the item cannot be delivered to their address "No Delivery Available" - I do not ship, so I don't need labels, etc as I rely on my vendors to do the shipping for me.


Printify and Printful seem to be working just fine. 


It is FashionGo and Trendsi that I am having issues with. I have set up the zone and rates and still am having random products show up from customers claiming "No delivery Available" 


I just need a flat rate of $8.95 for everything I sell - and free shipping for orders $50+ in the general shipping profile. Is that a possibility or do I have to do a custom profile for everything I carry? 


This cannot be that difficult, right? 

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You can do that.

You can delete all of your custom profiles, this will automatically send all the products into your general profile. Next, you can setup the flat rate as desired for all the products in general profile.

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