Setting up API for B2B Graffiti

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hi All, 

Can someone advise me on how to set up an API key from B2B Graffiti ( there is no App on Shopify) ?

i have set up an account with B2B Graffiti and have the API key , but am stuck on where to integrate it to my store.


Can anyone help me ?


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Here are a few tips on how to set up an API key for B2B Graffiti on Shopify:

  • Log into your B2B Graffiti account and locate the API key under the settings or integrations section. Copy this key.
  • In your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Manage private apps > Create a new private app. Give the app a name like "B2B Graffiti" and generate an API key.
  • Under the app settings, enable read/write access to products, orders, and customers. This allows the app to sync data between B2B Graffiti and Shopify.
  • Install the B2B Graffiti app from their website. During installation you will need to enter the API key from B2B Graffiti and the newly generated API key from your private Shopify app.
  • The B2B Graffiti app will now have the permissions to sync data as orders are placed and products are updated. You may need to enable webhooks in B2B Graffiti to trigger real-time syncing.

I hope this helps