Setting up local delivery for a city outside of my location - CANADA

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Hi!!!  I live outside of the nearby city that I market to and would like to set up local delivery for that city.  I do not want to use a radius or postal codes.  I would just like to select the city.  Is there a way to do this?  


Thanks, appreciate the assistance!

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Hey Kgifting,


I don't believe there's a way to do this with just selecting an entire city. You have to do the postal codes if you want it to be specifically within a city's boundaries. Otherwise, you can do it based on radiuses, if you're okay with potentially bleeding over into neighboring cities. 


This site is a great resource for finding postal codes of a specific city: 


When you're setting up the postal codes within Shopify, there's a message saying, "Enter postal codes separated by a comma. To include a range of postal codes, add an asterisk (*) after the characters that begin the range."


What this means is that you don't have to manually type out every single postal code combination.


For example, if you want to do Maple Ridge, BC, you can use the above site to get to this page that lists all of the codes for Maple Ridge (


It shows 2 sets of postal codes for Maple Ridge: V2X + V2W.


So when you're setting up the postal codes in Shopify, you can list it like this (instead of having to enter every single possible postal code in the city):


postal codes.png


Hope the above helps! 🙂







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