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Share some tips for optimizing product pages

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Hi all,


I'm looking for tips & hacks that ACTUALLY work to optimize product pages for better sales & conversion. 

Please don't share TOO GENERIC tips as I'm already familiar with them. I'm looking for something out-of-box.


Thank you

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Optimized Page Speed
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Mostly of these tips are generic. I think that everyone is well-acquainted with them.

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Couple I've done that I noticed a lot of clients not doing, but showed positive results almost always:


1. Pull in Instagram images of your products to your product pages (shows trust, social proof, and actual images of the product, which people love). Details on that tactic here:


2. Use an A/B testing app and test various elements on your page. This has produced some surprising results. Here's an article I wrote on how I do it:


I've actually ran tests where a higher product price outperformed the lower price, long term. Those types of gains are huge boosts, CR increase + profit increase.


3. Create cross selling. My team has created custom plugins for stores that pulls in automatically matching products / add-ons, etc, based on tags / rules, and shows them to the user.


An example, if you sell notebooks, show pencils on the same page and allow the user to click 1 button to add the add-on to the cart. There's another example I've used in that same link above about the automation tips.


Last tip, general but worth repeating: Always be testing and track your results. Data gives the truth about what works.

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I find several tips unique. We will definitely implement those ones.

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Hello Vai_jpn,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Here are some tips for you: 

  1. Enhance Keyword Research: Use the most effective keywords in the product name and description to ensure that the product ranks for the right keywords and attracts the right audience. You can use keyword research tools, like Wordtracker, Moz, Linkdex, UberSuggest, and SEMrush, to identify the effectiveness and competitiveness of the keywords used.
  2. Optimize Meta Title and Meta Description: Meta titles and meta descriptions are the first things the viewers notice about the page; thus, optimize these elements to ensure that they invite the customers to the page.
  3. Add Unique Product Description: It is important that you add unique product descriptions to clearly present the specifications and features of the products to inform the customers about the products.
  4. Optimize Product Images: Add optimized product images, which are:
    1. Taken from different angles
    2. High-quality images, but compressed to reduce their loading time
    3. Optimized for voice search (add alt text for the same)
  5. Social Proof: Add real customers’ reviews and testimonials to ensure that the website is authentic and sells good quality products to its customers.
  6. FAQs Section: The FAQs section can help ensure that the most common customer queries are resolved on the website to help them navigate through the website and find the most suitable product for their needs.
  7. Optimize Page Speed: Good page speed is preferred by search engines and users, as no one wants to wait for the website to load. Thus, optimize the page speed of the website and enhance the overall user experience. You can: 
    1. Compress large images
    2. Remove unused JavsScript and CSS
    3. Reduce redirects
    4. Implement AMP
    5. Implement lazy loading for the advertisements
    6. Utilize CDN
  8. Clear CTA: Clear call-to-action is important to create a sense of urgency among the users and encourage them to buy immediately. You can add pop-ups, like ‘buy now to get 15% discount’ or ‘buy now to get free shipping’.



Hope it helps!


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Very nice! I was expecting these kinds of insights! Great help

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