Shared rich link on Whatsapp doesn't show og image

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Our client's business model is based on sharing store links via Whatsapp as the only way to visit the store.

Therefore, having good looking rich links is a must. Unfortunately, Whatsapp (mobile & web) doesn't display the preview image (og:image) when a link is shared.


We have checked the schema several times, checked image size and ratio, used the facebook debugger (wich does fetch and display the image). I also emptied cache / tried on different browsers and devices when testing.

The links have a parameter attached, but that shouldn't be problem, afaik. The title & description works most of the time (also not always). In every other tool, the rich link works as intended (like slack, discord or even google keep), it's only Whatsapp for some reason.


Any ideas? Our clients and us are getting really frustrated 😕

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I have the same issue


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Are the social meta tags repeated? Did you try to submit a ticket on Facebook forum?

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