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Sharing my Knowledge of Safety Stock and Inventory Calculations

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Online Demonstration: December 3rd at 11am ET  (recording will be available to participants who can't attend at this time)
An interactive demonstration of inventory planning calculations and a discussion of what you need to consider in making these calculations.
This online meeting will present a real case study to demonstrate inventory challenges from a data point of view.
  • Which values should you use for calculating safety stock and reorder points?
  • Should you plan based on forecast or past sales? What time frame?
  • What challenges exist when using computer systems for inventory management?
  • What challenges do people and suppliers add to the process?
Calculations will be demonstrated in Excel to make it easier to show you what’s behind each calculation. You don’t need knowledge of any specific inventory management system to understand the material.

A Zoom meeting link will be provided by email to registered participants.
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