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I am selling 2 different kinds of products: cakes and cookies, and they each have their own "Shipping and delivery" profile.

Cookies profile:

- Normal ($3)

- Express ($20)

- Free for purchase of cookies above $60


Cakes profile:

- Express ($20)


If a customer purchases both cookies and cake, the delivery is $40.


These are what i am trying to do:

1. Combine both items into one delivery. The total cost should be $20, not $40.

2. For express delivery, the customer needs to input the desired delivery date. Earliest 3 days from date of purchase.


Please advise.


Thank you.

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1. Unfortunately, Shopify adds the shipping rates when the cart items are from different shipping profiles. The workaround is to have one shipping profile and figure out a way to create rules using weight or price range. Alternatively, you can use apps - most apps require you to upgrade to Shopify plan or over.

2. You can include a calendar selector on the product page - it is relatively easy. You can ask a developer to implement it, or use apps like (Mini - Customization Fields)


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Hi @Fish1 ,

You would need to use a third party app to overcome this limitation of Shopify's shipping profiles. If you are looking for a solution without having to upgrade your Shopify plan, you can give a try for our app ShipMagic.

For the calendar, the solution suggested by @YOD_Solutions looks promising.

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