shipping confirmation error: help needed

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Dear Community,


I am running into an issue with clients not getting an automated notification once I fulfill an order.

99% of my clients receive an email once I fulfill and ship an order. see screenshot for example. I have clients email adress in everey order and all order confirmations are sent, but apparently not the shipping confirmation to some people.


So my Q is: why do not all my clients receive a shipping confirmation email?

I have this automated and email is a musthave in the checkout, but apparently some clients do not get a shipping confirmation email. And I struggle to find the root cause.


What is going wrong, why is not everyone receiving a default automated shipping confirmation and how can I influence this in shopify?


Please see this example:

Schermafbeelding 2023-06-29 om 12.08.23.png



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Hello EljaConfetti,

There could be several reasons why some of your customers are not receiving a shipping confirmation email. Here are a few possibilities to consider:

  1. Spam/Junk Filters: Some email clients may automatically filter out emails they consider as spam. Your emails might be landing in the spam/junk folder of your customers. It would be helpful to inform your customers to check these folders and mark your emails as "not spam".

  2. Incorrect Email Address: Sometimes, customers may accidentally provide an incorrect email address during checkout. It would be worthwhile to check the emails of the customers who have reported not receiving notifications to ensure that they are correct.

  3. Email Sending Limitations: Depending on your email provider, there may be daily limits to the number of emails that can be sent. If you're sending a high volume of emails, this could be an issue.

  4. Notification Settings: Ensure that you've enabled the necessary settings in your Shopify admin. Under Settings > Notifications > Order notifications, check that 'Shipping confirmation' is set to be sent to customers.

  5. Shopify Email Server Issues: There might be occasional issues with Shopify's email server that may cause a temporary halt or delay in sending emails.

If none of these seems to be the issue, it might be a good idea to reach out to Shopify Support. They can check the backend of your store and help identify if there are any underlying technical issues causing this problem.

Hope this helps in resolving your issue!

Best regards,


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Thank you for your swift reply. 

It is approx 100 to 200 orders per day so the volume should not be the issue. 
And every client receives a confirmation order email so that could also not be the issue. We do have the right email addressess so it is not that we have the wrong email addresses.  
Reason is, this issue arises around ghe fact that sometimes (without any clear root cause) a fullfilment order email is nog being sent in some cases. 

I checked all your other solutions and pointers too and these are not applicable to my use case. 
Can you connect me to shopify support? 
Best regards,
Elja Polak
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did you ever get that sorted? I reported this to Shopify back in Sep 23 because from around that date, on Shopify App the default position is NOT to send the shipping confirmation, even though this setting is enabled in the account. Every single order needs to manually enable the shipping confirmation (not an issue on desktop). Only found out after getting lots of customer emails asking for tracking info and turned out we couldn't re-send the shipping confirmation with tracking as the original shipping confirmation wasn't showing there either 😞