Shipping issue, when adding 2 product in the cart there is no shipping avalaible for the customer

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Hi There, 

I was hoping to find some help here since I did a lot of research and can't find any answer.

Long story short I have a free shipping over 100$ order on the website ( But I have some oversized item with special flat rates up charge. When a customer adds an oversized item in the cart and then add other item there a no more shipping option showing (only the in-store pick up option will show). When customer only buy the oversized item there is no problem and if customer buy regular item everything is fine too. The issue only shows when an oversized item is bought with other regular item.


I think i have some shipping rules that are mixing up somewhere and make the shipping dissapear. I am ready to pay the person that can help fixing that.


Shipping 1 oversized item no problem


Shipping oversized item with another regular product (only pick in store option still avalaible) can't choose shipping option




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