Shipping on Customer's Acct: How to require customer acct number?

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Many of our customers are Gov or prime contractors to Gov, so they need to use their own UPS or Fedex shipping account numbers. They are typically not flexible on this, as it's in their acquisition regulations. 


I have that as an option in my Shipping Setup, e.g. "Ship Collect" for $0.00, but there are several issues with this:


1) In the cart progression, the Shipping sometimes shows $0.00 and sometimes shows "Free" which is not ideal. But the PDF received by the customer actually reads, "Shipping: Free" which is misleading. Ideally both would say "Collect" and add $0.00 to the total. I don't know if this is possible:


Here's how my Shopify is set up:




Here's what my customers see:


You can see this on my actual store at:


2) Although my instructions tell the buyer to "go back to Cart page and enter account # and service level," there is no way to require that, and customers can check out without entering their account number. Ideally there would be a way for the customer to select UPS or Fedex, and all their default service levels, but then enter their acct number. 



Are there options within Shopify to handle either of these issues?



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I would also like to know if this is possible.

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It's crazy how this is not available yet. It is such an easy fix for Shopify but they don't care about their customers.