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We are building a store for our client, and we need to have shipping per product , there are some products that are for free and each product have a different price than the other. How can this be done ? Please advise.

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Hi there,

This is Sara, Shopify Guru 🙂

Great question! 

There is no current per product shipping setting within Shopify itself, however there are a few great apps in the Shopify App Store that can help you achieve this! 

I recommend checking out these to begin with:

- Advanced Shipping Rules
- Bespoke Shipping
- Better Shipping

I hope you find the perfect fit 🙂

If you have any other questions let us know!

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Totally agree with Sara! But there's another way too, you'd have to look it up. But pretty much, I do weight-based shipping. I set all my products to .2 lbs. So when you buy two, it'd be .4 lbs. And when editing the rates, you can say .2-.2 lbs is $5 shipping. Then .4-.4 lbs is $8 shipping. I don't really know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but rather shoot a tip over not helping at all. 

Thanks! Cody

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Cody --

I just want you to know that I have been slamming my head against the computer for months over this issue.  None of the plugins do quite what they should, and the fact that it isn't a planned Shopify feature is a real pain.  Suddenly, I thought I would give it another search and see what I found when I came across this answer.  So simple.  Yet completely adaptable to my situation.

Thanks for this!


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This is ridiculous.

I only created an account, subscribed to the service, and bought a domain name because shopify was like "ooooh! drop-shipping! see how easy it is!"  They even rant and rave over Oberlo, which honestly, links mostly suppliers in China.  So I signed up...I placed a test order on my site today, and my checkout promised 2-3 days via USPS First Class mail.  My supplier, however, is looking at 20-38 days.  

How is shipping not a standard option I can control in my store?  What if, instead of using drop-shippers, I was hand-crafting items in my shop, that might take a week or two to make?  I work with nopCommerce, an open-source online store package at work, and even it supports per-item shipping options.

The lack of an option included in the subscription makes shopify utterly useless for anyone that doesn't have inventory or a place to put inventory.  I just signed up today, but I doubt I'll be opening my store.  Instead, I'll be spending my trial period looking at other eCommerce solutions.


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This topic may be old, but I am new to Shopify.  So the topic is new to me.

The reason I was looking at this was:

Some products are too big to be shipped as a basic envelope.  ( even is  they are just barely too big )

Or the product is only a couple bucks, but the shipping would be 3 times the price of the product.


I want those products to be - not available to ship.  Pickup only.


I do not use the Shopify Shipping, as most of our products are able to be shipped in envelops.

I already had pick up in store set up as a free shipping item.


What I did was go into settings - shipping

Then Custom shipping rates for products.

Create profile, set up a name, create a shipping zone

I added the specific products to this profile that I did not want shipped

assigned the Pickup in Store shipping rate option  (free )

I did not add any conditions


It seems to work great

when I have those items in the cart

It will not allow me to choose a shipping option

it only allows me to pick up in store

even if there are other items in the cart


if i remove the restricted item and leave the other stuff ( things that will ship)

the regular shipping options return


hope this helps someone else


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Great to read this.


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I was going to say the same thing.


Really helpful information.



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