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Shipping, Pickup, Local Delivery... Mixed carts

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I am looking for a solution to this and hoping someone here knows how to pull this off. 


I have a store for my farm. We mostly sell meats. The products from our farm are very rarely shipped out. Occasionally, yes, but it is very common to have customers order online then pick up at our farm, at a farmers market or have us deliver ourselves. All perfectly fine and doable so far.


We installed printify so we can offer some t-shirts and reusable shopping bags with our logo. Those are shipped right to the customer obviously.


Each of those scenarios are fine on their own. But how do I set it up so that a customer can order some cuts of meat from our farm and choose to pick up at our farm, or perhaps have us deliver to them, but also in that same cart, the customer ordered a t-shirt which will be shipped. End goal, we want shopping carts to have some items shipped and some items given a different pickup/delivery/shipping option. 

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If you had a store in Wocomerce, then this was a simple workaround to set up your business needs. In Shopify, I am not sure whether we can set up a workaround or not. Please write an email to