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Shipping Rates and Discount Code Calculation

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Hi there. 
My shop has free shipping on every order over 49,00. 
Now the problem is that we also offer many products at a 49,00 price point.

So when someone choses to buy a 49,00 product, and than applies a discount of lets say 10%, they should be paying around 45,00.. but here the magic of shopify kicks in.. it add again the shipping rate of 6,50 and the total order magically becomes 51,50. 

So a customer end up paying MORE with a discount coupon than without.

What we need to do is simple: coupon code application shouldn't change shipping rates. If a customers lands on checkout with free shipping, it has to stay like that despite the coupon used at any moment.


How can I implement this ? I'm getting a lot of request about from unsutisfied customers and they are absolutely right !

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Hey @Emilstyle,


Unfortunately, shipping and discounts don't play nicely together so you will continue to face this issue.

Are there any low priced high margin items that you can offer for around $10? If yes, you can use this to your advantage. Customers will very likely add one of these items to their cart (make them universal items or great upsells that are relevant to your products) to qualify for free shipping when they're that close to getting it for free. I always add an extra item to my cart to get free shipping if I'm within $12 of the threshold. I would rather spend $10 on an item I can keep than $6.50 on shipping. 


 I hope this helps a bit!


Warm regards,

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Any update after 2 years ? Did shopify still not fixed this issue ?