Shipping rates will be change on the quantity

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Hi There,


I need to change the shipping rates as per the quantity.


Example :

- if there are the quantity is 30 then shipping rates will be the 145.

- If there are the quantity is 60 then shipping rates will be the 155.


I can see that there are no any option for the quantity in admin side so how I can manage it.?


Please guide me on this points I am suffering on this point from last couple of days.


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Locate the shipping settings or shipping methods section in your admin panel. This may be labeled differently depending on your platform. In the shipping method settings, you should find options to set up shipping rates. Look for a section that allows you to define shipping rates based on quantity or weight. If you're using a specific e-commerce platform, consult the platform's documentation or support resources for detailed guidance on setting up quantity-based shipping rates. These resources can provide platform-specific instructions and best practices. 

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As far as I know, this isn't possible natively on Shopify. You will have to use third party shipping calculator apps to be able do this.

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hi @Mack1111 ,


In Shopify, you cannot set up rules for flat-rate shipping based on quantity. Instead, you can consider using weight-based shipping rates.


If your products vary significantly in weight, you may need to create separate shipping profiles to group products by weight categories, aiming to approximate quantity-based rates as closely as possible.

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