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Hi Everyone,


I am having a hard time understanding the logistics of Shopify and shipping for my t-shirt business. I offer the option to purchase a gift box, and when they do, I need to ship it in a shipping box as well. 

Here is a summary of types of shipping combinations:

  • 1x t-shirt, no gift box = Shipped in a mailer 
  • 1x t-shirt, w/gift box = Shipped in a small box
  • 2x t-shirts, 2x gift boxes = Shipped in a medium box

How is Shopify supposed to understand which combination to use and how to charge the customer? Right now I am doing a flat rate of $15.00 Canadian on shipping, but I am eating up to $5.00 for each order.

I am not sure what to do anymore. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Businesses on Shopify offer various shipping options to cater to customer preferences. They include flat rate shipping, real-time carrier calculated shipping, free shipping, local pickup/delivery, multiple shipping zones, product-specific shipping rules, subscription-based shipping, and custom shipping rules. These options allow businesses to provide flexibility and transparency in shipping costs, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers. I am a Shopify expert and can help you integrate or implement this to your business and solve your issues.

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I think you might need to use weight or price based rates. Assigning weight for the gift box and t-shirt, try to figure out the weight range of your order combinations and use to define rates. 


If you have the budget, this can be easily resolved with apps. For example, you can use our app JsRates to define custom shipping rules based on the cart content. You will need the carrier calculated shipping rates (CCS) activated on your store to use JsRates on checkout page. If you are keen, please install the app and reach out to our support team for free setup service. JsRates has a free demo plan and offers full access for development stores.

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