Shipstation increases if you use both their rates and your own negotiated rates

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Shipstation is going to start charging an additional $20-$90 per month depending on the plan you currently have. If you use both their carrier rates and your own negotiated rates you will be charged this amount in addition to your current plan. We use both their UPS/USPS rates and our UPS negotiated rates. We get better rates with heavier weights so of course we use both.

We are looking at various competitors to Shipstation (we've used for 7 years) and want input form everyone. Testing out various platforms now. EasyShipping works well - only issue is their address validation does not go down to suite/apt. level so if you have a customer that does not place their apt. number and just uses the street address, the address is approved in EasyShipping when it should be flagged.

What are other platforms everyone is testing out now? 

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