Shop pay not available in my region

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I have recently set up a shopify shop and I think it has been a disaster getting a payment processor. I live in Isle of Man, part of the UK but Shop Pay cannot be activated. I have since checked with the support and they told me its not in your region. I have then tried alternative payment options, most of which require the business to be a registered company or do not support payments in this area. The only option I have is Paypal which I have not used for more than 10 years and I have been having issues with log and my account is suspended.

Im really stuck and frustrated - it has taken almost a month looking for a payment processor. Anyone with an idea

My other alternative is to register a mainland UK company and hope Shop Pay will approve the payment processor - my question is will this work? I don't want to incur a lot of company registration costs and only to be rejected. 

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