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I'm looking for shopify 14 days trials but I couldn't find it. I found only 3 days trials. I need 14 days trial code

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Hi Satish6,


In October 2023, Shopify introduced a new offer, replacing the conventional 14-day free trial and subsequent $39 monthly charge for the Shopify Basic plan. The updated option now includes a 3-day free trial, followed by a nominal fee of $1 per month for the subsequent three months. So it's not possible to get 14 days free trial.




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Hi, @Satish6!


It is true that the 14-Day Trial offer is not available anymore. However, what I can do as a Shopify Partner is build a store with no fees until you decide to launch and sell your products. This should work as an alternative and offer you the time to design your store before selling it, without paying for the fees.

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Hello Satish6,

Shopify offers only 30-day trial $1/Month. The first 3 days are free and after that you need to purchase $1 plan to get 30 days trial. which cost only one dollar. 


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