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I would like to add some important key points of my products on the product page beneith my add to cart butten, like lifetime warranty, white gold, Cubic zirconia and Luxury gift packaging. I will add a picture of how I would like to see it. My website:   , PW:ebloui



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It looks like you want to add icons to your product page. 


You can use the built in "icon with text" block in Shopify. While it's not exactly the same format as what you shared in your image, they can serve a very similar function. 


You can go to the Products --> Default Product --> Product Information (section on left side) --> Add block --> Icon with text




It will create a block like this, and you can adjust the icons, text, and format (horizontal or vertical)








It is somewhat limited though. For example, you can only add a maximum of 3 icons and the same icons will appear for each product that uses this template (unless you dynamically assign a metafield to each individual icon and text).


This tutorial covers how you can extend the functionality of the Icon with text block that should hopefully give you more functionality (but again, the format is more in line with the original format and not like the one you showed):


Hope this helps.

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Yeah, not exactly what I was looking for, but maybe I will give it a try with the more advanced tutorial. Thanks for the input !