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I am new here, and I am starting my business.

I wanted my store to be more professional and beautiful since I built it my self, so I thought to reach out for help of Fiverr. 

The thing is there are so many Shopify agents, web designers, people who tells you they will find hot selling products for you and they will make your website superbe. BUT I am not really sure I can trust most of them.

Especially when they insist on have access to my store, they keep asking me to add them as staff. 

Of course if someone has to work on my store need to be in, but I have a feeling that so many people there are scams. 

What's the worst thing that can happen if someone has access to our store?

I am not sure I want to give out my credentials just like that. 


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I actually have one of our offers on fiverr as well, as a temporary offer. I just use it as free SEO honestly. However, definitely be ware of a lot of offers from people who don't even have actual agencies or public websites. Especially those who offer incredible revenue jumps. Most of them are unreliable.

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