Shopify AI Text Generator not working in blogs?

Shopify AI Text Generator not working in blogs?

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I'm having a problem with the AI text generator tool when trying to edit / improve copy on blogs. The generator does sometimes load, but 99% of the time it won't generate text and I just see this pink bar on the right hand side. 

Not sure if anyone is having / has had this problem or if this is a bug but it would be great to get this resolved if possible. 


Please note this only happens when trying to edit specific paragraphs within the blog, not if I use the tool to come up with copy ideas for a blog based on theme etc... 


Screenshot attached. Any advice / support would be great. Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 13.59.11.png



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I am having the same problem. Shopify support says this is not a problem on their side and they can generate blog posts for my store on their side. I have cleared browsing, cookies etc and tried this both on laptop, phone and computer. Still broken. Does anyone have a fix? Shopify is no help. Thank you. Pam