Shopify Are Destroying My Business Over A Simple Process

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Can anyone help?


I have been a Shopify customer for 3 years and never had any issues. I have had to recently update my bank (due to them changing, nothing I have done)


Since doing this they have provided me with a new Bank account number and sort code, easy I thought, I'll just add this to the setting (I know where it goes) but nope, due to there being a Capital loan outstanding you have to contact support to update your bank details, I get that, and that makes sense.


48 hours later. Live chat support all say the right things, but they cannot help, has to be escalated internally.


I cannot receive funds from customer orders, which means I cannot buy more stock, dispatch orders, or pay outstanding bills. I am losing customers all because of this, speaking to support on Livechat, they are all very apologetic, but no one can help.


I just have to wait for the process to happen.


Note to anyone else that has to update accounts (Mettle) and you have any capital loan outstanding, be prepared!!!!

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Hi @Heidi2k20 !


I understand that this can be frustrating. Since your concern has been escalated up to the right team, expect an email communication from them regarding this matter as soon as they can. 


Shopify highly value account security that is why your case needs to be escalated up to further check your account. Rest assured though that they will sort this out in no time.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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