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Is there a way in shopify to set the Dicount code to override the automatic discount? I don't mean for them to be used together. But able to use another type of discount using the discount code over the automatic discount currently available. 


For example, i provide a specific discount for Bulk buy where customer spend over x amount get 30% off and discount code is Bulkbuy1. However i also run promotional offer where i set the whole store to be 20% off automatically for let say Easter Sale. So during the Easter sale, customer get 20% off but what if they eligible for the bulk buy discount, how can they use this cod


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In Shopify, the way discounts work is that customers can either use a discount code or benefit from an automatic discount during checkout, but they can't use both at the same time by default. The system automatically applies the best discount for the customer if both are available. However, I understand your scenario where you want the customer to have the option to use a specific discount code that might offer a better deal than an automatic discount, like in your bulk buy versus Easter sale example.

Shopify does not natively support the functionality to override an automatic discount with a discount code directly in the checkout. The platform's design is such that automatic discounts take precedence to simplify the checkout process for customers. However, there are a few approaches you might consider to achieve a similar outcome:


  1. Use Shopify Apps: There are several apps available in the Shopify App Store that provide more advanced discounting features than what's available natively in Shopify. Some of these apps might offer the flexibility needed to manage and prioritize different types of discounts more effectively according to your specific rules. Look for apps focused on promotions and discounts that offer features like stacking discounts, prioritizing discounts, or managing exclusions more granite.

  2. Custom Solutions: We can develop Shopify Scripts that can be used to create more complex discount logic that can automatically apply or switch between discounts based on the conditions you set.

Communicating clearly with your customers about how discounts work and ensuring they're getting the best deal will enhance their shopping experience and can help avoid any confusion.


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