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Shopify Automatically Adding England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to the 'County' Field

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Shopify is automatically adding England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to the county field.

This seems to have started recently. I create invoices and buy postage via a third party.

Now for invoices I'm not fussed, but for Click & Drop it means I need to edit each order to remove the added information.

With regards to addressing letters and large letters, Royal Mail say that  "Country words such as “England”, “Great Britain” or “United Kingdom” must not be used for addresses to and within England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or the outlying British islands."

From searching through the boards I can only guess that it was added to satisfy some that wanted Northern Ireland highlighted because of Brexit.

Please at the least make this optional.


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Agreed. This is yet another example of Shopify forcing things which create unnecessary work for the people who pay for it.