Shopify Bugs after migrating ownership from Italy to UK

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Hello Everyone and a Happy new year.

My self-made shopify store '' which i created In Italy has now moved to the UK under the new ownership Vistashop ltd. I have done most of the updating however i have some issues that I cannot figure out and fix. Please help...

1. On the top checkout page. If you click on Checkout, it's linked to the wrong page for some reason. How do I change that please?

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2. As the store is now under the UK tax laws. I think it's best my default currency is GPB £. I asked the support to change it, but they were scaring me abit. If the sales are in euros, it will screw my accounting up. I fear. Any Comments?

3. The absolute weird thing is the shipping problem. I have set multiple shipping bases ( Germany, Poland, Italy, UK). From where my goods are sent via drop shipping around the world. I have tested it on the site and when you put your address in. It gives the classic error...
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This is really doing my head in,as I am not a shopify IT progammer.





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Hi @Limeonline avoid glomming topics together it just overcomplicates things.

#1 the checkout button link probably has some sort of javascript running as the served html(view source ctrl+u) doesn't have a link on that button.

Disable any frontend affecting apps and retest.

Disable any theme customizations if applicable.


If you need that debugged and fixed then contact me by my email for services.
Contact info in forum signature.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.


#3 almost always a bad shipping profiles configuration setup. toggle it on off again, ensure products are actually in the right profile in a zone with a rate, etc .

If using any type of app that effects shipping disable the app.

Start from scratch with a new product, new profile, etc etc for testing. 



#2 For the currency change worries generally you should talk to an actual accountant for the region.

Don't take random financial process advice off some forum.

Hit and research the actual accounting forum 

No matter what there will be consequences and headaches just a matter of how long to you want to put it off for it it's an actual business/legal requirement.






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