Shopify bundle with limit of package and discount for each of them

Shopify bundle with limit of package and discount for each of them

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Hi everyone,
i need some help.

I need to do shopify bundle for work gloves.

I want to make customers can buy just pair of gloves 12,24-10% discount,72-15% discount,144-20% discount pairs, and i want to make discount for each packages for itself.

I made one product with shopify bundle app and with dealesy app i made discount, but it doesnt work with bundles, when you add package of 12 and add 2 quantity discount is 10% but when you add package of 24 and quantity 1 it doesnt add discount.

Link of product: .

Does anyone know with which free app i can do this ?

Thank you in advance.

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@Idjurovic ref link:

app name is foxkit

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thanks for answer.

But on this link you send to me there is mix bundle, i dont need to mix 2 or more products in bundle, i need to do discount for each package(packages made from single product in bundle ) for my product on that link: .

First we had product and customers could buy just on pair of gloves, and that is not good for us because we can order at least package of 12 pair of gloves.

So, i limited it with bundle on 12,24,72,144 but discount is not working good, for example when you go on link i posted, you can choose package of 12 and quantity 2 it will get you discount of 10% because i made for 2 quantity you get discount of 10% ,but if you choose 24 and quantity of 1 you will not get discount 10%, because i dont have option on giving discount to select packages for bundle i made with my product, i made bundle that has 12, 24, 72 and 144 pairs.

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Unsure if I see config wrong, the bundle you use is just x amount of price. 

12 pairs = 15
24 pairs = 30

It work fine for me if that it is x1 pair (not bundle). What you should do is that break this to multiple discount for each variants because I don't think that variant is x12 of a simple product but simply just another product. For Example, when you setup for that bundle I think you need to re-do the discount to distinct variant (x12, x24, x72, x144,...) This will make sure that it apply to all necessary variant.

From what I see, you can handle this manually by using Shopify native Discount. You will need a lot of discount which need config for selected product/variant, minimum purchase requirement

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Hi @Idjurovic ,

You could try using the Bundler app. Our app has a lot of different bundle types, but the one you would need is the "Volume discount bundle", which can be found on the free plan. You could create a volume discount  bundle with three discount tiers, in order to achieve a 10% discount for 12 and 24 pairs, 15% for 72 pairs and 20% for 144 pairs. Let me know if you are interested!

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