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Greetings, new to Shopify and looking to see if it was possible to use Shopify to host multiple Buyers and Sellers on a single site please.

Example: I have Sellers that want to sell products (e.g. books) on a single portal. The Sellers will maintain their own list of products and basically do the fulfilment (packaging and shipping)

Buyers will launch the portal and search a specific Sellers products or across the entire seller products and select to purchase

The "portal" will facilitate the transaction and earn a comm off the total transaction.


My current view is that Shopify is specifically for a single store that wants to sell their own products only

Please correct me if wrong and what plugins/options exist via Shopify to be able to do this?


Also are there examples of stores like the one I'm looking to do that do that can be shared please


Thanks in advance



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